Life Members

The AFFCA is proud to recognize all of our life members. In 1993 the Alberta Firefighters Curling Association instituted a Lifetime Members Award. This award is to honor and acknowledge all those members that have contributed and participated in the Firefighters Curling over the long history of this organization. It is through their long time contributions towards our association which has enable us to continue the tradition of Firefighters Curling in Alberta into this our 61st year.

       “Thanks to all of our Life Members”

Keith Glover- Red Deer Fire Dept.

Craig Schmidt- Calgary Fire Dept.

Larry Lafluer- Smoky Lake Fire Dept.

Bill Dann- Edson Fire Dept.

Ron Darling- Calgary Fire Dept.

Don Cole- Edmonton Fire Dept.

William Smith- Smoky Lake Fire Dept.

Daryl "Chops" Brennan- Edmonton Fire Dept.

Jim Henderson- Edmonton Fire Dept.

Bill Kastings – Edmonton Fire Dept.             

Russ McAlister – Calgary Fire Dept.

Dennis Calvert – Red Deer Fire Dept.                         

Bill Korner – Edmonton Fire Dept. 

Harvey Murray – Edmonton Fire Dept.              

Bill Drager – Edmonton Fire Dept.  

Ron McNeil – Edmonton Fire Dept.                  

Wayne Fizer – Calgary Fire Dept.   

Tex Shane – Edmonton Fire Dept.                      

Albert Berezanski – Edmonton Fire Dept.

Merv Armstrong – Red Deer Fire Dept.            

John McMillan – Calgary Fire Dept.

John McDonald – Edmonton Fire Dept.             

Thor Hafso – Edmonton Fire Dept. 

Ed Clifton – Edmonton Fire Dept.                      

Bill Roberts – Edmonton Fire Dept.

Don Nelson – Calgary   Fire Dept.                    

Jack Bothwell – Calgary Fire Dept. 

Ron Munro – Red Deer Fire Dept.                   

Tom Wych – Calgary Fire Dept.      

Barrie Milton – Calgary Fire Dept.                     

Marsh Darling – Edmonton Fire Dept.

John Kokotylo – Edmonton Fire Dept.                         

Don “Shakey” Roberts – Edmonton Fire Dept.

Ed Howell – Red Deer Fire Dept.                        

Doug Riley – Edmonton Fire Dept.

Dave Carwell – Edmonton Fire Dept.                                   

Gregg Stemler – Edmonton Fire Dept.

Ron Stirler – Calgary Fire Dept.  



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